Holter Monitor

12 lead ECG (ECG) evaluates electrical activity around the heart over a 10-second period and is a very important cardiac investigation. However certain symptoms like fainting or
palpitaions may need a longer period of monitoring to investigate disturbances of heart
electrical activity (arrhythmias) as a cause of these symptoms.. This ambulatory prolonged ECG monitoring is provided by a Holter monitor. At QPFC we offer a patient-friendly patch ( wires free) monitor that can last from 1-7 days.

Holter Instructions

This wireless Holter monitor works like a USB device. It records the heart electrical activity for the duration it is programmed to record data. Once returned the device needs to be uploaded for the data to be viewed and analysed. Information cannot be seen in real time when the child is still connected to the Holter monitor.

Avoid direct contact with water. Having the showerhead pointed over the back is acceptable, try to avoid steam or splashing water directly over the device. Do not swim or take a bath with the device.
Please maintain a diary (sheet of paper with a note of important events) and return it with the device. Please note any significant event (e.g., palpitations, dizziness, fainting etc.) on the diary to the minute (e.g., palpitations on 2/3/2023, started at 5.21 pm and finished at 5.31 pm). This is the most important piece of information when reading the Holter to correlate ECG with symptoms.
When experiencing symptoms e.g., palpitations or dizziness, try as much feasible to remain still as movement introduces significant motion artefacts that gets stamped over the ECG making it difficult to interpret.
Even if there are no symptoms to report, please return the diary stating no symptoms. Please enter the child’s name and date of birth on the diary to be able to correctly identify the child.
Please note only relevant symptoms (e.g., as listed above) likely to be related to the heart. Information like sleeping, walking, playing etc when the child is asymptomatic does not add much.
We strongly advise against pressing any button (though the original instructions were to short press the button once to stamp an event) as inappropriate pressing of button by children has inadvertently switched off devices before. Keeping a diary is equally effective.
You will see blinking red lights from time to time e.g., after showering, any physical activities or excessive sweating. If the LED continuously flashes red, ring the 24-hour technical support line on: Office -1300 023 431 or Nicky Sandon 0412 885 680.
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